Photo credit: Jack Wiant

Photo credit: Jack Wiant


Constance Films specializes in creating video content and marketing campaigns to suit your needs. We want to help you tell your story and realize your vision.

CF is owned and operated by Katy Dolle -- a passionate NYU-educated filmmaker, producer, and editor based out of Los Angeles, CA. 


Katy developed a keen sense of storytelling through a lifetime spent working in theater, film and television. She carries this energy behind the camera, helping to create stories that are fast-paced, entertaining, and cinematic. She's had the pleasure of working with BuzzFeed, Smosh, New Rockstars, and ColourPop Cosmetics, among many others. 

We’ve recently expanded our business to offer top-to-bottom commercial campaigns that are delivering incredible results for our clients.

Charity is also a key component of our values. Katy's directorial debut, the widely acclaimed Dancing Man Documentary, helped to spread awareness and raise funds for anti-bullying and body positivity non-profits. Her most current project, We’ll Never Make It, won the Audience Award at The Valley Film Festival and is set to play at more festivals across the country soon.


The name Constance comes from Katy's great aunt, Constance Moore, who was an accomplished actress and singer in the 1930’s and 40’s. She was a woman of grace, strength, and above all, humility. We  always strive to deliver the best possible work and to recognize the beauty in all people.